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Character Arc Mastery

Character Arc Mastery shows you exactly how to design captivating, realistic character transformations that drive the plot and develop themes . . . for all of your characters.

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Authorial Voice

Discover who you are as a writer and the writer you want to be. Through a series of exercises, examine your unique authorial attributes, what you love about others’ works, and how to blend these things into a magical voice that only you can have.

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Dramatizing Inner Conflict

Write your characters’ internal struggles with powerful emotions that keep the reader wondering what happens next.

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Plot Essentials

Discover the foundations of plot development and set the groundwork for how to structure a dramatic narrative.

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Point of View

Maximize drama, suspense, and connection with characters by choosing and leveraging the right narrative perspective.

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Write Vivid Narration

Discover how to brainstorm and write strong, unique metaphors and similes that will bring beauty and power to your work. Master crafting imagery so that readers better understand and connect with your characters and story.

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