Image and text of "Two Tennies" poem from children's poetry book "Suzie Bitner Was Afraid of the Drain" by Barbara Vance

Please cite all poem references: “Excerpt from ‘Suzie Bitner Was Afraid of the Drain’ by Barbara Vance.” Thank you!

Two Tennies

Two white tennies
Off for a walk,
Skip for a mile,
Run for a block.
Race through the park,
Wind through the trees,
Splash through the creek,
Dance with the bees.
Zip ’round the playground,
Jump over logs,
Drum down the sidewalk,
Chased by two dogs.
Two muddy tennies,
Tired from their play,
Wipe ’cross the mat,
And call it a day.

~ Barbara Vance

Excerpt from the poetry collection “Suzie Bitner Was Afraid of the Drain”

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