Plan With Me – April 2018 Bullet Journal

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YouTube got the better of me. Having seen so many talented artists creating bullet journal spreads, I finally broke down and decided to give it a go.

I will admit, I was not sure if this was going to me something I would keep up with or really use, but considering my current planning situation, an attempt at reform was certainly not out of the question. For the past seven years or so I have availed myself of a daily Moleskine planner. The benefits? An entire page for one day on which I could dump every to-do and creative thought. Downsides? Due to a serious case of goal overestimation, a lot of tasks did not get checked off and finding my notes involves a lot of page turning and “I know it’s here somewhere” statements.

I therefore decided on a weekly layout with space for notes. Theme-wise koi fish came to mind after sorting through a lot of spring concepts that, while enticing, seemed generic. I will confess upfront that the colors here are not to my liking; however, I got so curious how some new paints would turn out that I threw caution to the wind and used them here. Not the most brilliant decision, but at least I already marred the whole thing and am now free from perfection pressure that would keep me from just playing with my thoughts and doodles.

I hope you enjoy it!

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